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How to convert WAV to MP3

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Upload files in WAV format (.wav) to our server. You can do this by clicking on the button or by dragging and dropping files into the upload window.

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Now wait until the files are uploaded to the server and click on the convert button. We will need some time to process your file and convert it to MP3.

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After the conversion is complete, you can download your MP3 audio file to yourself. You can download each file individually or as a zip archive.

WAV to MP3

Features of WAV and MP3 formats

WAV (WAVE) is short for Waveform. It is a type of container file created by IBM and Microsoft to store digitized audio recordings. The essence of the WAV format is that the sound is stored in an uncompressed version, and given the fact that there are no formats for recording and storing uncompressed audio that can be played on almost any device without special programs, WAV is in a winning position in the field of professional sound reproduction.
The MP3 format is designed to record audio data with compression — the intentional reduction in sound quality in order to reduce file size. But if you carry out the appropriate optimization of audio data correctly, the decrease in sound quality will in most cases be hardly noticeable to humans.

Why convert WAV to MP3?

If you have a lot of free space on your hard drive or removable media, then you will not have any problems. However, if you need to send files by mail or record them to CD, then the WAV format is not quite suitable for this. MP3 files take up much less storage space on your device. At the same time, they keep the quality at a fairly high level and you will hardly notice the difference.

WAV to MP3

Why use our WAV to MP3 Converter?

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Firstly, we are doing an excellent job with our main task - we help you convert your WAV (WAVE) files to MP3 files. And what is important, this process is thought out in such detail that you will be pleasantly surprised.


Secondly, we made sure that the quality of the converted file was as close as possible to the original piece of music. Despite the fact that MP3 files are compressed, you can be sure that this will have little effect on the sound quality of your audio file.


Thirdly, regardless of the content of your audio file, the quality will be excellent. It doesn't matter if it's music, voice recording, soundtrack or anything else. In any case, you will get a file with perfect sounding.


The speed of our website and the speed of conversion is our reason for pride. We've taken a lot of time to ensure super-fast downloads and fast processing speeds for your files. So that you don't waste time.


Price is a very important factor when choosing a service on the Internet. After all, any service should cost something. We decided that we would not take your money, so converting any number of audio files on our site will be free.


Remember the times when you had to download and install all programs on your computer or phone? So these days are long gone. Now all programs are installed on servers on the Internet, and you can use them without installation.

Let us show a little more about our WAV to MP3 converter.

Converting files is not an easy process. But we did our best to make the technical details irrelevant to you. But if they are still interesting to you, then we will gladly tell you about them.

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  • Everything happens so quickly you won't have time to get distracted


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